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Important Notices


Minutes for the May 8, Regular Meeting are now available.


Warning for the Annual North Branch Meeting

on June 12, 2024

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Minutes of the April 30, Special Meeting and voting results are now available!







Mission and Goals

It is the mission of the North Branch Fire District #1 to protect our environment and our waters for the benefit of this and future generations.


Our goals are to reduce water pollution; to provide the means to abate present sewer pollution and to prevent new sources of pollution; to allocate the use of existing excess treatment plant capacity and to enable future development in the Fire District; to preserve, repair, upgrade and remodel our treatment plant and its facilities in order to attain and retain its designed capacity, and to do what is lawful in increasing its capacity to meet growth and additional demands; to efficiently run the plant and all support requirements to minimize the cost of operations and therefore our usage fees; and to maintain open communications with our consumers and be transparent as to the operations of NBFD.

About Us

The North Branch Fire District #1 (“NBFD”) was created in 1972, so that its members could cooperatively build and maintain a single wastewater treatment system. NBFD is known as a “consolidated district”.


Monday - Friday; 8AM - 4PM

78 Dorr Fitch Road

West Dover, VT 05356

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