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Effective Date: 4/13/2022
For additional details on these rates, please refer to our FAQ,

Rate Setting

  • Usage charges are calculated on actual gallonage consumed during each billing period calculated against the budget approved at the most recent annual meeting. The budget includes operating, capital, and any financing expenses.

  • Semi-annual Usage Billing Rates for 11/1/2021 bill. Usage rates will be updated for the 5/1/2023 bill when actual system usage is reported end of April (total gallons in the system) against approved budget.

  • Usage Charge: $25.06 per 1,000 gallons used

  • Minimum Charge: $115

  • Late Payment Charge: All bills remaining unpaid, after the due date, shall be assessed an eight percent (8%) penalty charge, plus one percent (1%) interest per month for the first three (3) months and one- and one-half percent (1 ½%) interest per month thereafter.


Gallonage Allocation Rates

  • Gallonage Purchase / Hookup Fee: $40 per gallon Excess Usage Charges, Peak / Annual Excess usage charges (Annual and Peak) will be set prior to the May 1, 2023 billing

  • Peak Periods: December 24 – January 1, President’s Week

Processing Fees

  • Meter cost – market price (please contact the office)

  • Letter of Intent to purchase gallonage (good for 180 days) - $300

  • Application for Gallonage Purchase Contract Fee - $300

  • Town recording fee – pass through of all charges we receive

  • Submeter fee - $25 per billing cycle.

  • Printing request - $0.50 per page

  • Expedited request for closing paperwork (less than 5 working days) - $250

  • Paper billing fee - $10/bill once fully implemented


Violation Penalties

  • Penalty for connecting to system without informing NBFD: $800 upon notification, $100/day after 30 days

  • Penalty for non-delivery of Engineering Certification upon construction completion: $800 upon notification, $100/day after 30/day

  • Penalty for non-functioning meter: $100/day 60 days after notification

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